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Jurgen Klopp comments on Philippe Coutinho Barcelona transfer

Jurgen Klopp has admitted defeat in Liverpool’s continued Philippe Coutinho Barcelona transfer saga. The Liverpool manager has stated that Coutinho’s move to the Spanish side is completely out of his hands.

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Coutinho was left out of the Liverpool side against Watford in Reds’ Premier League opener. The Reds fought back twice from deficits to take a late lead at Vicarage Road, 3-2. However, Watford scored a stoppage-time equaliser to get a share of the points in a stellar 3-3 draw. Despite playing well at times, it was the same old problems that came back to hurt Liverpool in the end.

Following the match, Klopp spoke about Coutinho’s current status with the club.

“I’ve had no time to think about it today,” Klopp said after the draw. “I had to prepare for a match.

“If I was upset, I’d tell the player himself. I didn’t get it (the transfer request) but I can say something that’s more important.

“As a manager of a football club, I have bosses. That decide, for example, just in general, if we sell a player or we don’t sell him. Then I have to accept it.

“If they don’t sell him, then I am not involved any more. I’m responsible for all of our players, not just one or two or three, but all of them.

“I can’t say anything about it, the only thing is I work with the players I have. That’s what I’m always doing.

“How can it change something for me? I didn’t make the decision.

“You have to ask the club. I didn’t see the club insiders today. You have to ask them.

“I don’t think (it changes anything). It was pretty clear what the club said about it. That’s all.

“I am not part of the discussion with the group.

“There are enough people who can talk about that. I’m not part of it.”

Liverpool have a short week as the club will travel to Germany for Tuesday’s Champions League playoff game. The Reds will battle Hoffenheim in the first leg of the playoff tie.

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